The new British Film with Soul!
Representing diversity in Film & Entertainment, within, Great Britain, today.

Moral Conflict is a new feature comedy drama aimed at a family audience about Pastor Chucks, who is in a lot of trouble. The pews are empty in his church based in East London. Financially he is broke but determined not to give up he has a brainwave idea to organise an audition for a new British Gospel Choir. Unfortunately, the wannabe singers who show up to audition none of them can sing!

To make matters worse his mother Tope, arrives from Nigeria, to visit the family and due to cultural differences does not hit it off with his English wife Denise

The only person who can help Pastor Chucks, out of his financial problem is Lucinda a loyal member in his demising church but she is in love with him. So, life all adds up to one thing for Pastor Chucks: ‘MORAL CONFLICT’

Maxine Chantel AKA Sunflower
The Director

I made this film because I wanted to do something different!

Not only did I intend to contribute towards the British Film Industry by producing this film and also providing work for talented actors and production staff.

But also to meet the demand for audiences who desire to see inspirational family comedy films, as it is time to see new a film in Britain with depth and soul within the story line. Telling stories that reflect us from the ethnic minority in a positive light. Read More